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Anti-Corruption Policy

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Anti-Corruption Policy
Thai Optical Group Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries have an ideology and the determination to conduct business with integrity by striving to be responsible towards the society and stakeholders to uphold ethics according to good governance. Therefore, the Company has indicated its willingness to join the “Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption in Private Sector” to show its determination to fight against corruption in all shapes and forms.

The Company has also drafted the official “Anti-Corruption Policy” to use as a guideline in business conduct. This is to ensure that the Company has a clear policy to define the responsibility guideline and the proper rules of engagement in order to prevent corruption in all business activities and to make the right decision when faced with corruption risks.

Anti-Corruption Policy
1. Directors, executives, employees and representatives in every country will conduct their business with honesty and integrity as well as with the determination to uphold the law with equity and solidarity in negotiation in every aspect of business and every relationship in every country and every related agency.
2. There must be frequent and routine reviews of all activities according to this Policy, as well as to review the guideline and regulations for operation to keep up with the changes in business, rules, regulations and law.

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