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Thai Optical Group Public Company Limited (the Company) or TOG and its subsidiary are the manufacturers, distributor, and service provider of the various ophthalmic lenses including comprehensive type of material i.e. Lens Material, Len Design and Lens Coating, Original Design Manufacturing Edging and Glazing Service, with a customer base, including other ophthalmic lens manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, spread over 50 countries in every region of the world.

The Company and its Subsidiary distribute to wholesalers both domestic and foreign countries on an “OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer) basis, and also under the Company’s brands called Excelite™, Excelite™ Trivex™, Excelite™ Tribrid®, ONE, Discovery, Freedom, and Maxima. Our premium lens coating services are available under our trademarks of Zaphire™ SX and Zaphire™ nano blue. We also provide a series of Sun Filter Lens consists of Shade Basic - basic tinted lens and flash mirror lens, Shade Trivex™, and Shade Polarview.

TOG was originally established by the Pracharktam family to operate the retail distribution of Organic lenses from the year 1951 (B.E. 2494). In the year 1962, the Company has established Thai Optical Company Limited (the Subsidiary Company) or TOC, where was the first factory producing the Mineral Lenses in Thailand. TOC manufactured and exported to Asia and Europe. It also established the production line of and Prescription Lenses (Rx Lenses) as well as initiated to produce the Organic Lenses by mold procedure.

Due to the growth of the consumption of ophthalmic lenses, Thai Optical Group Company Limited (TOG) was established on March 8, 1991 (B.E. 2534) in the name of Thai Polymer Lenses Co., Ltd, with an initial registered capital of 20 million Baht to expand the production line for normal Organic Lenses. The business of TOG and TOC had grown significantly, and TOG has increased its capital to 120 million Baht for expanding its capacity of producing the normal Organic Lenses, Photochromic Lenses, High-index Lenses, and High-impact-resistance Lenses and TOC has increased its registered capital from 50 million Baht to 130 million Baht.

In the year 2003 (B.E. 2546), TOG and TOC has restructured their shareholding. TOG has increased its registered capital to 265 million Baht to buy 99.99 percent of ordinary shares of TOC. Hence, TOC has become a subsidiary of TOG. Then, TOG had converted itself into a public company and had increased its registered capital to 400 million Baht in the year 2004 (B.E. 2547). And on May 16, 2006 (B.E. 2549) TOG raised 135 million Baht from the issuance of shares for sale to the general public and is publicly traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

In year 2008 (B.E. 2551), the Company strengthened its business by increasing its registered capital to 475 million Baht by raising funds from Specsavers who is one of the largest glasses retailers having wide range of operations network in Europe and Australia, who has been the Company’s business partner and customer for an extended period of time. Specsavers hold 25.04 percent after the capital increase thereof.

The Company and the subsidiaries have developed processes for continuous production by using Lean Manufacturing and continued investment in the production of Ophthalmic Lenses and Digital Surfacing Prescription Lenses and established a joint venture company to do the wholesale of ophthalmic lenses and manufacture ophthalmic lenses for specific person in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to expand its distribution channels.

In the year 2011 (B.E. 2554), TOG has succeeded in producing high-impact-resistant Lenses, and ultra slim type which makes TOG is known as the first manufacturer to produce this kind of Lenses, the product is called “Tribrid.” And in the year 2015 (B.E. 2558), the Company has expanded its business to Anti-glare Sunglasses Lenses by taking over the business of Poly Sun Co., Ltd who was a manufacturer and distribution of tinted lenses and polarized lenses.