Sustainable Development Policy
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Sustainable Development Policy

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The Company and its subsidiaries adhere to the philosophy of conducting business commercially and with responsibility to the society. The Company is determined to create a balance between industry, environment, safety and community. In addition, the Company strives to run its business with transparency, accountability, ethics, respect for human rights, the interests of stakeholders, and in compliance with relevant laws and other regulations or related international practices to further develop and lay down the foundation for social responsibility, continuously and sustainably.

Stakeholders of the Company
The Company respects the importance of all stakeholders, especially those who are directly involved with the Company. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable business development, the Company has prioritized the stakeholders by evaluating any possible impact on stakeholders and the Company, as well as bringing the issue of needs to incorporate into the strategic planning and communications management processes with the stakeholders. Direct stakeholders in the Company’s business consist of employees, customers, consumers, business partners/suppliers, shareholders, communities around the factories and the government sector.

Framework for Sustainable Management
Thai Optical Group Public Company Limited has prepared the Corporate Social Responsibility framework based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in order to meet the needs of all stakeholders and in developing the business along the line of sustainable management of Corporate Social Responsibility.